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Hope Iowa Endowment Fund

~ For future care and recovery ~

What is an endowment fund?
Traditionally, an endowment fund is separate from the normal operating funds of an organization.

When you make a gift to our Hope Iowa Endowment Fund the principal is preserved while your contribution continues to grow along with the collective pool of other endowment donor gifts. A portion of the annual earnings of our endowment is used to support (supplement) our day to day budgetary needs which include programs, facilities and services to those who are homeless and hungry in our community.

Why is an endowment fund important to Hope Ministries?
Knowing that Hope Ministries is God’s ministry and He is ultimately the one who provides, the Hope Iowa Endowment Fund was established to give individuals and organizations the opportunity to participate in the future sustainability of our mission to rescue those who are homeless, hungry, abused or addicted, providing opportunities for hope, recovery and restoration through the love of Jesus Christ.

Why is the endowment fund important to contributors?
The endowment fund provides a way for contributors to impact the future mission of Hope Ministries and to play a part in providing a solid financial foundation for future generations. Contributors with a “long view” understand that the need to address homelessness and hunger will continue even after they are no longer able to regularly contribute. The endowment fund gives a donor confidence their contributions will work in the long term to further our outreach to those in our community who are less fortunate.

As donors assist in growing our endowment fund, we can be confident in our long-term financial security and sustainability through the ups and downs in the economy and the highs and lows of monthly contributions now and in the future years.

How does the Hope Iowa Endowment Fund receive donations?
Donations to our endowment fund come in two forms:

  1. Gifts from donors during their lifetime
  2. Gifts from donors through a testamentary gift in their will, trust and/or beneficiary designation

What can be used as donations to the endowment fund?
The most common forms of giving include gifts of cash, check, credit card, shares of stock, as well as gifts-in-kind, and even art, jewelry, or other valued items (sorry, no time-shares).

Are Hope Iowa Endowment contributions tax deductible?

Is there a minimum gift amount required to contribute to any of the Hope Ministries Endowment Fund opportunities?
No. Gifts of all sizes and most types are welcomed and important.

What happens after I contribute to the Hope Ministries' Endowment Fund?
Along with our appreciation, you will receive a statement for use with your tax return.

Why should I consider an endowment gift to Hope Ministries as part of my end-of-life planning?
Consider the fact that the need to care for those who are homeless and hungry will continue beyond your life time.

How can I contribute as part of my estate planning?
This website provides a host of estate and legacy planning options for those who have a charitable intent. Professional help is also available. There are many tools and vehicles for this purpose, but it doesn't have to be complicated. For instance, asking your insurance agent to adjust the beneficiary of your life insurance policy to include 1 or 2% for Hope Ministries will make an impact while still providing for family or the primary beneficiary.

Speak with your financial planner or click on the CONTACT US tab to request assistance from our staff.

What should I do if I make plans to leave a portion of my estate to care for those who are hungry and homeless through Hope Ministries?
We encourage you to let us know of your plans so we can thank you now. To provide direction for your legacy gift, click on this online Statement of Intent Notification form. Complete and submit the form which will ensure that we honor the intentions of your future gift.

How often can I contribute to the Hope Ministries (Hope Iowa) Endowment Fund?
Donors can make gifts at any time to our endowment while they are living and/or by arranging a testamentary charitable gift in their will, trust, and/or beneficiary designation to support our ongoing outreach to those who are homeless, hungry, abused and/or addicted beyond their lifetime.

How much of a contribution would it take to perpetuate our current level of giving by using an endowment fund?
Donations to our endowment fund can perpetuate your annual giving beyond your lifetime. The endowment chart is a reference to show the amount of contribution required to perpetuate an annual gift during your lifetime or beyond.

endowment gift chart

How do I make a contribution to the Hope Ministries (Hope Iowa) Endowment Fund?
You are invited to click the online links below to make a gift to any one or more of our endowment fund choices as depicted below.

endowment flow chart

Why does Hope Ministries have four separate endowment fund options?
Our four endowment fund accounts provide a diversified menu of options for donors with different goals, objectives and values. The total assets of the four separate funds reflect the combined total of our overall endowment program.

How do I decide which of the four funds I should donate to or is it arbitrary?
Each of the website donation links below provides additional explanation on each of the four options to guide donors in their giving decision. We are also available for consultation. Use the CONTACT US form or call or email us directly.

David L. Burrier
Director of Estate & Legacy Planning
(515) 265-7272 ext. 1003

Kathy Coady
Director of Development & Community Relations
(515) 265-7272 ext. 1017

Hope Iowa Endowment Funds

  1. Hope Ministries Internal Endowment Fund. This Fund is managed in-house or through a third-party professional investment management firm.

    You can also arrange to make a donation in person or through the mail whichever is more convenient to you.

    Street Address:
    5075 E. University Ave., Suite B
    Pleasant Hill, Iowa 50327

    Mailing Address:
    Hope Ministries
    P.O. Box 862
    Des Moines, IA 50304-0862

    For stock or mutual fund wire transfers contact David Burrier or Kathy Coady as noted above.

  2. Hope Iowa Agency Endowment Fund option. This Fund is managed at the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines.
  3. Hope Ministries Endow Iowa Program option. This Fund is managed at the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. Endow Iowa allows taxpayers to receive a 25% Iowa tax credit in addition to normal federal charitable income tax deductions for certain charitable gifts.
  4. Hope Iowa Endowment Single Charity Fund option. This Fund is managed by the National Christian Foundation, a U.S. nonprofit organization that helps donors give more wisely and tax-efficiently to support their favorite charitable causes. Their mission is to mobilize resources by inspiring biblical generosity.
  5. Hope Iowa Endowment Single Charity Fund at the National Christian Foundation. Donors can click on this link to make online gifts of stock and mutual funds.

Can I direct my Hope Ministries donations to the endowment fund?
You can direct any Hope Ministries donation to our endowment fund. Use the comment section in the CONTACT US tab to direct your donation and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.